What makes the difference between businesses today? The mindset of your people. We help you caring for it.

You will succeed with your strategies if you care for the mindset of your people! Your People, your strength. You’ll only reach what your people enable you to reach… and if they don’t want to contribute, you are done.

Mindset, to many, is a kind of new dimension. In the military, in sports, in hospitals, in all the activities where there is no financial indicator, mindset is a meaningful concept. Barry Schwartz illustrates best what it means. Please listen to him when he speaks about the janitors (caretakers).



There is no job description that can ever describe even half the work of the simplest job. The remaining is left over to “common sense” that every one is supposed to have – we found out, however, that everyone has his or her own definition for what common sense really is. Hence, there is room for improvement.
Then listen to what Benjamin Zander is telling us behind the concept “everyone is an A grade”. It is so essential in times when people work on knowledge and performance depends of its sharing, of mutual trust, call it social climate, social capital.

Our work consists in putting to work for you the concept of mindset that we have defined, apply the tools that we have developed and help you implement action for the success of your strategy.

Does it make the world become different? YES

If our maps for mindset had been set in use in a few places including governments and corporate headquarters, 
• We had not had the Gulf Oil Rig Disaster: the origin of the spill is to be found in the mindset of managers at British Petroleum. We had approached BP long before with the words: “safety is a matter of mindset” and tools to visualize mindset, but they knew it all.
• We had not had the subprime crisis and the loss, in the entire economy, of some thousand billion dollars resulting in a social disaster the consequences are still to come. Greed, intimidation, fear, egocentrism, arrogance are mindsets that are made clearly visible by our mapping method. Indeed we had alerted UBS of the psychosocial risk in critical processes. Going for self realization instead of caring for the community’s welfare is purely a matter of mindset.

If our maps for mindset were set in use in most places, there would not be the current disconnect between employees and employers, the Great Divide that Gallup keeps on measuring and that is costing some 5 to 10 % of GDP.